Saint Jean Products By Christophe ARIBERT

Chef with 2 Michelin Stars **
Originally from the Vercors region, Christophe Aribert worked in some of the greatest French restaurants before becoming the chef at Les Terrasses d'Uriage where he was awarded two Michelin stars and four toques from Gault-Millau. He has won the Oloron Sainte-Marie culinary photography competition twice (2009 and 2013). In 2010 he designed the menu at the Opéra restaurant in Paris.

Christophe was 'born in a kitchen'. Today, adorned with two Michelin stars, he is involved with numerous projects devoted to good food, including mass catering. He has known and used Saint Jean products, which are from his native region Vercors, since the very beginning, when he helped his father in the family restaurant.

As a passionate defender of regional products and a user of the brand, it was quite natural for Christophe Aribert to partner with Saint Jean and become its ambassador.

Saint Jean, traditional French production and an inspiration for creativity.

CA: Being a restaurant owner is a highly dedicated role. It allows to excel yourself, but you also have to look for and find many things within yourself. You must also like people and be fully committed at all times. It’s through enjoying working with good products that you find the resources to renew and create your own identity. I spend lots of time searching for products that speak to me. Trout from Alpine lakes, guinea fowl from Triève or Obiou, and Saint Jean ravioles… I need to feel the things that the products have to say, their history, the land they come from…

With their affordable price, Saint Jean products can be used when cooking very interesting dishes, with a controlled amount of risk-taking.

CA: Because of their simplicity and their affordable price, it’s easy to “seek out” new ideas using Saint Jean products. Their intrinsic quality means that only a few extra products are needed to achieve a surprising result: seasonal mashed vegetables, a crunchy vegetable, a dish of consommé… Magical results can be achieved at very reasonable portion-costs and without compromising on quality.

Saint Jean: a quick and practical range to use in both mass catering and traditional restaurants, gastronomic or quick-serve.

CA: In France there’s a common link between all kinds of cooking, mass or traditional: the idea of the meaning of a meal. There’s something about 'eating', 'getting together'… choosing the right products. All the history involved with this must be respected. And it’s true that every time I have been asked to work on improving the quality of menus in canteens, I’ve agreed because I believe that a mass catering must be supervised with a caring eye. In summary, the principles used to select products for use in mass catering are the same as those in traditional restaurants: the trend is for freshness, local sourcing, organic products (Saint Jean offers an extensive organic range) and, of course, the best 'portion-cost' possible, along with practical, quick to use products…

"I look for small producers all over France. For Pasta, Ravioles, and Quenelles, my favourite has always been Saint Jean"


In February 2019, Saint Jean entered into a partnership with the Euro-Toques France association to carry out the mission they have invested in: supporting French gastronomy. Euro-Toques represents European Artisanal Chefs who want to guarantee healthy food for consumers and defend Europe's culinary heritage.

Since 1986, the association has been carrying out a number of initiatives:

  • It works to safeguard and promote quality and origin food products within its European network of chefs and with the Executive Commission in Brussels.
  • It is fighting for clear labelling that everyone can read.
  • It is committed to protecting local produce on a daily basis.
  • It supports sectors to ensure production that respects the environment and animal welfare.


On the 1st October 2019, Saint Jean officially launched its partnership with the TOQUES BLANCHES LYONNAISES AND THE REGION association.

The 'AMICALE DES TOQUES BLANCHES LYONNAISES ET DE LA REGION' is an association of more than 110 top chefs from Lyon and the Rhône Alpes region:

  • To promote, develop, and defend the interests of Lyon's cuisine and the region, as well as maintaining its traditions,
  • To publicise and promote the region's food products to its members, the profession, and the general public,
  • To promote partners to its members and pool any negotiations or offers,
  • To promote member restaurants and partner products to the general public,
  • To promote apprenticeships;

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