Saint Jean intends to offer elegant, interesting moments of enjoyment with simple, everyday recipes that offer quality and freshness that are close to homemade.

Saint Jean began with ravioles. Then it's the turn of the fresh pasta, a skilful blend of semolina, eggs, and water, needed to obtain a dough that's neither too dry nor too wet. A manufacturing secret directly inspired by ravioleuses and the pure, ancient local tradition of fresh pasta.

This was followed by stuffed pasta, which was initially sold in specialist food shops and delicatessens, before finding its way into supermarkets thanks to the development of preservation techniques. Saint Jean is also committed to enriching its products through a variety of recipes that are frequently refreshed, so they may appeal to the discerning palates of French consumers.


This is followed by quenelles, a dish that first came to prominence in the 17th century and was highly regarded at the royal court in France before being adopted by the people of Lyon and becoming one of the jewels in the crown of Rhône-Alpes gastronomy. As the story goes, Charles Morateur, a pastry chef and caterer from Lyon, was looking for a way to use the pike that were plentiful in the region's rivers at the time. He developed the first quenelle by adding the fish flesh to a choux pastry made from flour, butter and eggs.

Saint Jean has managed to preserve this traditional know-how by drawing inspiration from the greatest of chefs and perpetuating the spooning process for part of its production. With a selection of quenelles 'à la lyonnaise', in a variety of flavours, using flour and semolina to create light airy textures, Saint Jean is now revisiting this speciality to make it a delicious dish: appreciated by connoisseurs, but also ideal for everyday meals thanks to its ease of preparation.

Each ingredient is meticulously selected, usually in France, and meets the highest standards of quality and freshness, such as Comté AOP matured for four months, black Périgord truffles and Emmental Grand Cru.


Ravioles du Dauphiné, meanwhile, has been awarded two of France's top quality labels: the Label Rouge, which guarantees the finest ingredients and respects the traditional recipe, and of course the IGP, which rewards local know-how by protecting the Dauphiné production area.

Maison Saint Jean's mission has always been to continue the art of fresh pasta making 'à la française'. Today, Saint Jean is still committed to championing French gastronomy through its partnerships with the greatest French chefs, who have been seduced by the finesse and subtle taste of its culinary specialities.

It's no coincidence that top chefs have placed their trust in Saint Jean, as every recipe developed by its culinary teams is the result of imaginative cooking inspired by French refinement and creativity.

At Saint Jean, French standards also include creativity. To satisfy all gourmet tastes, Saint Jean has developed a wide range of products: from ravioles to quenelles to fresh pasta. The different preparation methods can be adapted to suit all tastes: aperitifs, salads, soups, gratins... Indeed, the many recipe ideas offered by La Maison allow you to create a huge variety of dishes that are adapted to everyone's cooking style, from a quick supper to a seasonal feast, from the most traditional to the most modern, thanks to the organic products. 

For 25 years, Maison Saint Jean has been committed to organic production, favouring French and regional suppliers, developing recipes with as few additives as possible, and reducing its ecological footprint to a minimum through major investment. This organic approach echoes the values of ethics and responsibility that have moulded the brand since its beginnings.

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