Saint Jean combines an authentic main ingredient with a second ingredient of choice with delicate aromatic notes for a perfect match!

Inspired by the richness of the French land, we've designed and created a brand new range of pasta products using ingredients that have been awarded PDO, PGI or French Label status, or that are organic or a staple of French cuisine. Cheese, meat, or vegetables: all the products are rigorously selected for their quality and taste, and will transport you to the roads of France with every bite!

We strive for excellence and we aim to offer only healthy, high-quality products that are as close to home-made as possible. This drives us to give preference to French and regional suppliers, to encourage animal welfare-friendly production (for example, all our recipes are made with eggs from hens that are exclusively free-range), to develop recipes without preservatives and to reduce our ecological footprint.


With its recipes for stuffed pasta, Saint Jean is a celebration of France, an inspiring land and a source of boundless creativity, combining the origin of its products with the originality of its flavours.

Tasting Saint Jean stuffed pasta is a creative culinary moment and an iconic journey to the heart of France, through a fabulous cuisine that gets straight to the heart of the love of food.

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